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Dil Raju lit the fire!.. Vijay is the only way to become No.1!.. Advice from a famous producer.


Dil Raju’s claim that Vijay is number 1 has now emerged as a major issue in Tamil cinema. Even though Vijay has a lot of fans, Dil Raju’s comment on Rajini and Kamal’s presence has created a lot of confusion among Rajini fans.



Rajini has more fans than Vijay. One thing everyone knows is how much mass he has. It is not enough that Sarathkumar talked about Vijay as a superstar at the Varis film music festival and it has become a story of adding fuel to the burning fire. After hearing this, Rajini fans besieged Sarath’s house.

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Apart from this, Dil Raju is praising Vijay by competing with other actors to increase his film business. This only irritates the fans. But seeing all this, Vijay is keeping calm. Due to this speech, many negative criticisms are being raised on Vijay.


Rajini Vijay

In fact, it seems that the people of Tamil Nadu do not want to accept Vijay for the number 1 position. When asked about this, famous producer and actor Chitra Lakshmanan said: During MGR, Shivaji and Gemini, the fans were happy to see MGR at number 1.


Vijay Sarathkumar

Similarly, during Rajini, Kamal and Vijayakanth period, they enjoyed watching Rajini at number 1 position. But why did Vijay Ajith not want to see only Vijay in this place, if MGR, Rajini etc continued to act for many years and gave many hits. Both of them became great collection emperors.


vijay ajith

Similarly, Vijay should continue to give many hits. He said that if he is given like that, people will definitely put him in the number 1 position and see his beauty. Also, when contemporary actors are giving equal success and failure films, Dil Raju’s repeated criticisms are saying that something will lead to a rift between Ajith and Vijay in Kodambakkam.

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