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discomfort, feeling overwhelmed and headache

Apple has already allowed some members of the press and YouTubers to test its Vision Pro. These are the first opinions on the matter

First complaints from those who have already tried Apple Vision Pro: discomfort, feeling of overwhelm and headache
The famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee, with an Apple Vision Pro / Image by Marques Brownlee

There are just a few weeks left until the arrival of Apple Vision Pro. The mixed reality viewer, or “spatial computing”, as Apple has preferred to call the experience that this device will offer, It will be launched on February 2 in the United States.. But before that time, the Cupertino company has already allowed some members of the press and youtubers test your ambitious product.

But The experience does not seem to have been entirely positive for everyone.. Some of the people who have been able to test the device claim having experienced the bad part of Apple Vision Pro, including Headachescaused by excess weight or poor adjustment of the visor.

Excess weight is the big problem with Vision Pro according to first tests

Several media outlets participated in the Apple Vision Pro early testing session, where some people had the opportunity to try out the company’s mixed reality headset. During the session, they had the opportunity to test some of the functionalities of this device, including the mid-air gesture controlviewing content or running some applications optimized for Vision Pro.

The different demonstration sessions lasted about 30 minuteswhich were more than enough for some of the people to discover the drawbacks of this product. In The edgejournalist Victoria Song indicated that, by the end of the session, he was already beginning to notice the weight of the helmet, and a headache caused by said weight.

Something similar is said in Engadget. In his case, the problems took much less time to appear: after just 5 minutes, the feeling of overwhelm It was already noticeable, and the pain only took about 15 minutes to appear.

According to Apple, its Vision Pro weighs between 450 and 700 grams approximately. A weight that places the device at the same level as other augmented reality or mixed reality headsets. And although it is possible that the problems are caused by a lack of habit or a bad fit on the test units, I’m afraid These are not the comments Apple expected listen just weeks before the launch of its most ambitious product in the last decade.

Although it wasn’t all bad. The journalists assured that Vision Pro offers an immersive experienceand except for some problems with writing through the virtual keyboard or the precision of gesture control, they make it clear that the interaction and interface is way above than other mixed reality headsets currently available on the market can offer.

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