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Distributors who surrounded Udayanidhi like a war cloud… Plan to make a sketch of Vijay?? What is going on!!


Ajith’s movie “Thunivu” is slated to release on 11th Pongal Day, Red Giant is going to release the movie across Tamil Nadu. Similarly, Vijay’s movie “Thunivu” is said to be releasing on 11th.

Varisu VS Thunivu

Varisu VS Thunivu

Following this, some news came out that the first look of the movie “Thunivu” will be screened at 1 am and the first look of “Warisu” will be screened at 4 am.

Meanwhile, many distributors and theater owners from all over Tamil Nadu gathered at Udayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant Company yesterday. There were talks about which film to screen at 1 o’clock show and which film to screen at 4 o’clock show in the two movies “Varisu” and “Thunivu”.



Red Giant decided to screen the first show of the movie “Thunivu” for 1 hour. But the distributors and theater owners insisted that the first show of both the films should be screened simultaneously. Thus, huge talks took place between the two sides.

In the end, they came to a conclusion that both the movies “Varisu” and “Thunivu” can be screened at 4 o’clock. After all these negotiations were over and they left, Boney Kapoor, who heard this decision, announced to Udhayanidhi Stalin that “the first scene of Thunivu should be screened at 1 o’clock” and issued an announcement to that effect. Senior journalist Anthanan shared this information in a video chat.

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Boney Kapoor

Boney Kapoor

After that, senior journalist Bismi said, “Every movie of Vijay’s first day collection is huge. It is Vijay’s desire that Varisu should also achieve such a feat. So much politics is going on to prevent such a feat from happening. All this is almost a conspiracy to eliminate Vijay,” Bismi had said.

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