EntertainmentDo you have faith Lord?.. That celebrity who lost...

Do you have faith Lord?.. That celebrity who lost ten crores for Kamal!..


Actor Kamal Haasan is one of the greatest actors of world cinema. There will be no one who does not know about his film journey. He started his journey as a child star and has been floating in the artistic journey for more than 60 years.

Kamal party started

Wanting to show his concern for the people, Kamal jumped into a political party in 2018. He created his own symbol and flag and started a separate party named ‘People’s Justice Centre’. During the initial period, the party became active, but due to some reasons, there was a delay in the work.



However, Vida is trying hard to keep his party together. Snegan, a famous lyricist, traveled with him from the day he started the party. After participating in Bigg Boss, he joined the People’s Justice Center Party due to his love for Kamal.

Kamal appealed to the volunteers

Ever since he joined the party, he has become a staunch supporter of Kamal. In this situation, Kamal, who celebrated his birthday, convened a meeting on behalf of the party. Then in the meeting discussion, Kamal told his volunteers that ‘no one should give anything like bouquet, gift or flower garland’.



However, Snehakan, who is in that party, came with his wife and met Kamal. The person came with a bouquet of flowers and took a photo from Kamal’s side and left. Kamal became furious due to this. We did not talk to Kamal Snegan who was worried that he had done this despite what he said. Due to this, Snehagan has become very angry.

10 crore loss

Because when the news came out that Sinekan was going to join the People’s Justice Center Party, a crowd was ready to pay 10 crores to join him in the BJP. However, because of his love for Kamal, Snegan rejected the 10 crores and joined the People’s Justice Center. But Sinegan is very upset that Kamal is doing so much with a small bouquet of flowers. This news was reported by Webchat Bismi.


Kamal Snehan

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