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“Do you know how easy it is to be a serial?”… the director of the successor film who was furious with the reporter… what will it be??


Although Vijay’s film “Varisu”, which was released on the eve of Pongal last year, has received mixed reviews among fans, it has received somewhat good response among family audiences. Hence “Varisu” is a hit movie that families celebrate.



However, due to the sentimental scenes of the family in the movie “Varisu”, there were many mocking comments on the internet saying that the movie was similar to a TV serial.

Vamsi Baidipalli, the director of the film “Varisu”, who participated in a recent interview, spoke very strongly about this.

“Why do you underestimate TV serials? Do you know how many people here love to watch TV serials? Go and see at your home. Many people like your grandmother and uncle like to watch TV serials.

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Vamshi Paidipally

Vamshi Paidipally

Their lives are going very glamorously with TV serials. Why are you underestimating it? Don’t underestimate anything. A TV serial is also a creative thing.

If you see the people who watch TV serials as inferior to you, it means that you are making yourself inferior,” said director Vamsi Baitipalli very angrily in the interview.

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