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Do you know what Ajith celebrated by feeding cake ..? Trendy Recent Photos!

Ajith is one of the leading actors in Tamil language. He made his debut in Tamil cinema with films including Amravati, Kadhal Kottai, Aval Varuvala, Kadhal Mannan and became a favorite of the youth with his films including Ajith, Wali, History and Billa.

Her performance in the film Strength was finally released. This is H. Directed by Vinod, he is currently starring in his 61st film following this. The film was also directed by H.J. Vinod is directing and producing Ponikapur.

The shooting of the film has recently started in Hyderabad with a small pooja. Ramoji Rao Film City has set up a set like Chennai Anna Road and the shooting has taken place in it. The film is said to be about a bank robbery.

And many years later, in the movie AK61, Ajith plays a negative role in a double role as a hero and a villain. The film has already caught everyone’s attention.

The film is said to star Sorbetta lineage star John Cocaine and others. The producer of the film has officially announced that the famous Malayalam actress Manju Warrier will be playing the lead role in the film.

Ajith will play a college professor in the film. Zibran is composing the music for the film. Following the film, AK62 will be formed in collaboration with Ajith Vignesh Sivan. Meanwhile, Ajith is staying at a hotel in Hyderabad for the shooting of AK61.

The staff there made cakes exclusively for Ajith. And Ajith did this and lovingly fed the staff there. Its photos are spreading like wildfire on the internet.

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