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Does your new iPad mini have this weird ‘jelly scrolling’ display issue?

Apple’s brand new and redesigned iPad mini appears to be suffering from a strange display issue known as ‘jelly scrolling.’ While not everyone appears to notice it, the symptom should be fairly easy to reproduce — users report that one half of the tablet’s display scrolls more quickly than the other.

The issue hasn’t been mentioned in any iPad mini reviews that I’ve seen, but it was first reported by The Verge’s Dieter Bohn on Twitter. Since then, Reddit has become home to a growing collection of users who report the same issue.

While most noticeable when scrolling text, the problem is still visible in apps with images and other assets, perhaps making this a bigger issue than it might otherwise seem. This video from one Redditor shows the issue affecting the iTunes app.

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An unfortunate (and potentially nauseating) jelly effect only present on the new iPad Mini 6. It’s caused by a noticeable lag on the left side of the screen that delays and distorts content in that area no matter what you’re using the device for, apps, web, videos, etc. are all affected. Uncertain if it can be fixed through a software update or if it’s a permanent hardware fault.

And that’s the issue here — it isn’t clear whether the problem can be fixed by software, or not. That’s a matter up for debate right now, but a hardware design issue is something that cannot be ruled out. That would of course mean all iPad minis suffer from this issue and that a software fix is unlikely.

Regardless, the new iPad mini is likely still the best iPad for a ton of people — those who want to take notes using Apple Pencil on the go, especially.

Do you have a new iPad mini and if so, do you notice this issue? Please shout up and let me know below or on Twitter.

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