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Don’t try to be like Rajini! Show me who you are, boss – Vivek said that actor

Actor Vivek: Vivek is the most classic actor in Tamil film industry. He tries to make people aware of social concepts through his realistic comedy scenes. Vivek is the one who explained the superstitions embedded in the people and why they are all through his humor.

This is why Vivek took the name Chinnak Kalaivanar. Vivek has acted with almost all the leading actors in Tamil and has collected numerous awards.

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Due to his love for Abdul Kalam, he has also made a record of planting many saplings. Vivek was very concerned that we should carry on the work left by Abdul Kalam.

He had his attention on many good things. In this situation, Vivek asked an actor, ‘Why do you want to try like Rajini?’ He asked. Suddenly seeing the actor at an airport, Vivek said, ‘You are acting well. You give an incredible performance in any character.’

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‘If you do this properly, there is a chance to become a great actor in the future. But why are you acting like Rajini sir? He asked, ‘Buy with your unique skills’.

That actor is none other than that. Actor Babisimha. Babsimha is basically a Rajini fanatic. Favorite actor is also Rajini. He also said that his favorite villain is Rajini. But Rajini’s shade also appears in his performance from time to time.

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This is why Vivek gave him a small piece of advice, said a well-known senior journalist.

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