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“During the time we played cricket, even basic facilities were not available’ – WPL commentators interview! | WPL Commentators Interview

The series was a super hit in all aspects including the reception of the fans! In this case, I got a chance to discuss with Tamil Nadu players Arthi Sankaran and Niranjana Nagarajan, who participated as commentators in all the matches throughout this series. What they talked about Women’s Premier League..

“During the time when we played cricket, we struggled without even getting basic facilities. We are facing a lot of difficulties in traveling to different cities to play matches. But now the women’s players have got a bigger opportunity like the Women’s Premier League. All the young players went for huge sums at the auction. Both good opportunity and economic benefits are available together. Seeing all this makes me proud. There is criticism that the Women’s Premier League started late. But, it has started at the right time. A space for women’s cricket has just emerged in India too. Indian team is also playing well in big series. They have started this series right at this point. The girls who start playing cricket will come to the field with a lot of confidence.’ said.

I also spoke to Niranjana Nagarajan about this. The players from Tamil Nadu did not play much in this series? I asked the question. ‘There are no big players from Tamil Nadu. But this time it was played by someone named Hemalatha. He played enough to make his name in the first series. He was an inspiration to many. Niranjana said, “I hope there will be many more players like Hemalatha in the next series!


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