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Ecoflow launches River 2 Max (Pro) cheap power stations with fast charging


Ecoflow has launched the entry-level River 2 series portable power stations. The lineup consists of River 2, River 2 Max, and River 2 Pro. All models come with fast and solar charging capabilities as well as LFP (LiFePO4) batteries for extended life cycles. Ecoflow’s new backup battery packs start at $239. 


  • Ecoflow intros River 2 series portable power stations with fast charging.
  • The River 2 and River 2 Max are already available starting at $239.
  • Ecoflow’s River 2 Pro will launch later for $649 price.

The Chinese brand’s cheapest and lightest entry is the River 2. It comes with a 256 Wh battery capacity and up to 600 W output. The battery pack weighs 7.7lbs (3.5kg) and gets a more compact build over the first-gen River power station. In terms of ports, it has dual AC, DC car socket, a pair of full-sized USB-A, and USB-C.

Ecoflow’s more capable River 2 Max weighs almost double that of the vanilla model. However, it has additional AC and USB ports along with a bigger battery capacity of 512 Wh. In addition, the Max variant can output up to 500W AC or 1000W with the X-Boost mode.

Ecoflow launches River 2 Max (Pro) cheap power stations with fast charging
Ecoflow River 2 (Max) Power Station supports solar charging / © Ecoflow US

The Ecoflow River 2 Pro is the most expensive of the trio yet boasts the biggest capacity at 768Wh. More importantly, the power station has a standard 940 W AC rating, but it can be boosted to up to 1600W. The device is still easy to carry despite weighing 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg).

According to Ecoflow, all River 2 models have an estimated life span of 10 years. Any of the River 2 models can retain 80% of their capacity after 3000 cycles, thanks to the LiFePO4 battery inside. It also adds that both River 2 and River 2 Max can be fully charged in 1 hour and 10 minutes more for the Pro.

Ecoflow River 2 (Max) and River 2 Pro pricing and availability

The Ecoflow River 2 and River 2 Max are already available for order in the US, Europe, and other countries. The River 2 retails for $239 on Amazon after a voucher is applied. Alternatively, the River 2 Max sells for $469. As for the River 2 Pro, it will launch later this year for $649. You can use solar charging pads to charge the stations, but these are sold separately.


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