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Elgato launches a teleprompter that will be the dream of any content creator

The Elgato teleprompter connects to the computer’s camera and allows you to read a script, chat or any other content with greater comfort.

Elgato launches a teleprompter that will be the dream of any content creator
Content streamers will be able to read any text with greater comfort thanks to this Elgato device.

Produce video professionally from home It’s much easier thanks to the latest invention from Elgato, one of Corsair’s subsidiary companies. The device is called Elgato Pointer and, as its name suggests, it is a compact format teleprompter that can be connected to the computer to show a scriptTwitch chat and, in general, any text that the user wants read comfortably.

This compact teleprompter is the dream of any content creatorthat you will be able to read the texts in a much more comfortable and natural way. You will only have to connect it to the computer’s camera and place it in a perfect place for reading, which will be done through the 9 inch screen that equips Another interesting detail about this Elgato Prompter is that it is now on sale for a very attractive price, 299.99 euros.

This is the Elgato teleprompter for streamers

If we think of a teleprompter, that large device that we usually see on television sets comes to mind. It may seem like a product exclusive for professional audiovisual productionbut the reality is that there are different models to choose from depending on the characteristics of your work. If you’re serpentine from home or from a small studioYou will be interested to know that there is a compact and affordable teleprompter created by Elgato.

This company, a subsidiary of Corsair, has just presented Elgato Prompter. This compact teleprompter is ideal for content creators who want achieve more natural eye contact with your audience while reading a script or chatting with comments. How the device connects with camera or webcamhe serpentine You don’t have to look away to continue with your speech or to read live mentions from your followers.

As Corsair reports on its blogthe teleprompter is curious connects to computerfrom which you are fed with the text that will later appear on your 9-inch screen. It’s not a spectacular size, but it is enough to read the content comfortably. For example, you will be able to follow the script of your program without having to waste space on your computer screen.

Elgato has developed the Camera Hub programfrom which users can fully customize the experience with the teleprompter. For example, they can organize content that will appear on the screen and customize text appearance with different options. Furthermore, with the plugin Elgato Stream Deck, available for iPhone and iPadYou can choose whether you want to control the teleprompter with a key or with other elements.

Video call on Elgato Prompter

This teleprompter is also very useful if you regularly participate in video calls.

In addition to content creators, Elgato Prompter is a device very useful for those who participate in video calls with assiduity. And this teleprompter can also make video calls, which will allow the user to maintain a more natural and direct eye contact with the rest of the participants. In short, it is a useful device in different situations.

Jeff StegnerElgato product manager, He explained very well the importance of this innovative teleprompter: “For many years, consumer teleprompters only offered half the equipment and required a smartphone or tablet. Meanwhile, studio devices with integrated screens were too expensive for almost all creators. Prompter offers the best of both worlds. worlds”.

If you want to professionalize the way you broadcast content, you can buy this device now on the Elgato website. Have a starting price of 299.99 euroswith free shipping and 60 days for returns. Don’t worry about compatibility, because works with any camera that you use. If you don’t want to spend so much money, remember that you can turn your phone into a teleprompter with these apps.

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