EntertainmentEnd card not available?.. why is Vijay silent?

End card not available?.. why is Vijay silent?


Now the big issue in Tamil cinema is whether Vijay is a superstar or not. Even though Nadicharu acted in Warisu, this talk started with that film. Dil Raju said that Vijay is the number one in Tamil cinema and Sarathkumar called Vijay a superstar on the stage where many people gathered, which caused great dissatisfaction.


ajith vijay

But Vijay is keeping silent about this till now. This still shocked Vijay. In an interview, actor Satish said that during the shooting of Kaththi, Vijay told him that he would only keep Thalapathy in the film ‘Ilaya Thalapathy’.

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He has said that because he is getting old, he is going to remove the name Ilaya and keep the title Thalapathy. According to his opinion, it seems that Vijay is aspiring for some title.

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ajith vijay

And actor Anandraj also got caught up with the reporters, assuming that he would settle these controversies. Anand Raj says that when Vijay always speaks on the stage, one person cannot take the identity of another, he has to be a symbol for others, how can Vijay only aspire for the title of superstar.

If the reporter who interrupted Vijay is not interested, why is he still silent? Then he asked that he is keeping silent after going to get that degree. To which Anandraj replied vaguely that Vijay would definitely give his opinion on the same. Fans are celebrating Ajith proudly saying that actor Ajith is saying that he does not need any title while the debate is going on for such a title.



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