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England Cricket: “The system is not right!” – Is this the real reason for the fall of England?! | Reason for England’s Failure in the ICC World Cup 2023

Ever since the 2015 World Cup defeat in the short format matches, the English team has followed that action style. It is not right to blame baseball for anything good or bad that happens. Morgan would not accept that either. McCullum would not agree either. England’s approach to baseball is entirely testy. They have been doing it for years already in white ball cricket.

Ok, now let’s get to the point.

October 23, 2023 – Bangalore

What Joe Root said in the pre-World Cup press conference against Sri Lanka clearly shows where England have fallen behind.

England’s team is ill-prepared for the 2023 World Cup, says Joe Root He also said that this World Cup team has not played enough ODIs together. Not only him, the white ball coach of the team, Mathew Matt, also mentioned the same. What they say is important in a way.

The 2019 World Cup victory has given the England Cricket Board immense confidence. It should have instilled (hidden) confidence that BCCI can stand at par. Much focus was placed on making their cricket financially successful and bringing in the critical fan base.

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