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Even after so much trouble, it will be wasted!.. Multicrore debt!. Will Vikram’s film come out!..

Actor Vikram: Vikram struggled to establish himself as an actor in Tamil cinema. Initially, the films he acted in were not successful. So, he dubbed for actors like Abbas and Prabhu Deva. It was while waiting for a good opportunity that he got an opportunity to act in Sethu directed by Bala.

Vikram made good use of that opportunity and won a place in the hearts of fans with his excellent performance. After that, he became one of the leading actors by giving hit films like Dil, Pudh, Sami. He has also acted in many hit films. Ponniin Selvam, directed by Mani Ratnam, was also a hit for him.

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Directed by Gautham Menon, Vikram starrer Dhruva Nakshatram. Aishwarya Rajesh, Ritu Varma, Radhika, Simran, Parthiban and many others acted in this film. This movie is produced by Gautham Menane. This is where half past seven started. 70 percent of the money problem ended and remained the same.

This film started 4 years ago. Gautham Menon turned actor for this film and acted in many films. With the money he got from it, he started working on the film again. Work went fast. The dubbing work has been completed and the film is ready.

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In addition, they announced that the film will release on 24th of this month. About Rs.60 crores have to be settled. Gautham Menon is confident that the money can be ready by the release date anyway. But now there is a problem.

So, it is not known whether Dhruva Nakshatra will release on 24th as planned. Suriya was the first to act in this film. But it is noteworthy that Gautham Menon directed the film with Vikram as his replacement.

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