EntertainmentEven films that didn't run have run.. The only...

Even films that didn’t run have run.. The only critic who had the entire cinema in his hands during the 90’s!..


In this era of social media and websites, anyone can criticize a movie. Here and there there are many youtube channels and twitters where an individual is running an empire through these.

Criticism is just like how a judge examines the situation of the court and gives a verdict.



But today’s critics divide what came out of his mouth into a criticism for money till the interval and a criticism after the interval. If we look back a little in this era, Suresh who hosted the Top 10 Movies program was the only critic who was everyone’s favorite during the 90’s.

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His show, which started in 1998, has successfully run for almost 1088 weeks till 2019 and has become an all-time critics’ favourite. As a single person, he analyzes the motifs of a film and analyzes its merits and demerits and the way he says it will surprise everyone who sees it. It can be said that even films that did not run have run because of his criticism.



And nowadays, when a movie comes out, they give a review of that movie by noon. If the criticism of the film spoils the film, it will affect the fans who come to watch the film. It will also cause a big loss to the film makers. But if the film is released on Friday when he is hosting, then the status of the film will be in the list of ‘newcomer’ on his show on Sunday. The next week he will give the full review of the film.

A lot of people have been waiting for that too. At times the punch that he gives to each film will keep everyone entertained. No matter what program you are watching, on Sunday at 9.30 am, the program called Top 10 Movies is playing in everyone’s homes. Overall Top 10 Suresh is a crush for everyone.

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