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Even if I say that I will leave, I will not listen!.. The sad story of Bharathiraja who is behind the success of ‘Pandiyanadu’!..


Vishal directed by Sucheenthran. ‘Pandiyanadu’ is a film starring Lakshmi Menon. The film released in 2013 featured actor Suri, director Bharathiraja, actress Keerthy Shetty and actor Vikrant.

Vishal himself produced the film Pandiya Nadu, which was released with Iman’s music. The film released and got a good response. It was successful. The film Pandiya Nadu became an important part of Suchindran’s career as well. The reason is Bharathiraja.



Ram has been struggling to somehow get Bharathiraja to act in this film. After telling him the story, he agreed to act in the film so that Bharathiraja could get hold of the story. Bharathiraja has been like nothing since he came to the shoot.

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Director Imayam has come with the desire to give a lot of verses and speak a lot of dialogues. But there is a scene where he is talking to a small child in the film. They gave the verses as if they were talking to the child. He said that he will not act in this film anymore in the tone of ‘don’t give me any dialogue, let me just sit there’.



I have come and performed for four days. I will withdraw now. He has said that he will take responsibility for the loss caused by it. Vishal also says that he won’t do it and says to leave it. But Suchindran is standing on one leg saying that he should act.

Bharathiraja and Sucheenthran have had some conflicts since the shooting started. In a way, they took the film with Bharathiraja. The climax of the film ends with Bharathiraja. Sucheenthran said that everyone who has seen the film has praised Bharathiraja’s performance.



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