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Even now I am ready… Open Talk given by Shakila… Humility!…

Shakila: Even though there are many films in the cinema that can give good stories, actress Shakila gained her fans with her attractive performance in the 90s. He started acting in adult stories in Malayalam films. Even though it was a Malayalam story, the films were translated into Tamil and got good collection in Tamil Nadu.

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Thus Shakila also became famous among people. Later, Shakila acted in many Tamil films and played a very attractive role. But in real life also he has fallen in love with many people. But no love can last for him.

He himself has said in many programs that everyone has been deceived by what they have used. Later he decided not to get married and continued to act in many films.

He participated in the show Cook with Komali telecasted on Vijay TV and gained huge support from the people. He behaved in such a way that people had a great respect for Shakila by changing the way people saw her till then. After that, he continues to participate in many shows.

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In a recent interview, he said that if he plays a good role, people will not accept it. He has acted in a Telugu film Koprametta. The character has been well received by the people.

He played a serious role in the film. But because it was a comedy film, the audience laughed. So she expressed her apprehension that she is very interested in playing the role of mother, but no director wants to give her a chance.

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