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எண்ணம் போல் வாழ்க்கை..!

Fappa Namma Vijay Sethupathiya This is a photo obtained after 12 years ..!

Vijay Sethupathi made his Tamil cinema debut by starring in the film Southwest Season Wind.

Following this he starred in the movie Pizza and became famous for his dialogue with Fa.

Actor Vijay Sethupathi has retained his place in the screen world without any cinematic background.

His recent performance in Kathuvakkula 2 Kaadhal was released on the 28th of last month and received rave reviews, critical acclaim and critical acclaim.

In this situation, a photo of actor Vijay Sethupathi is going viral on the internet.

Alphonse Puthiran, who made his directorial debut in the film Time, became famous across the country with his film Premam. The film was talked about all over India

After a gap of seven years following this he is currently directing the film GOLD.

In this case, actor Vijay Sethupathi has shared the photos taken 12 years ago in his Facebook book. Alphonse Puthiran and Vijay Sethupathi co-starred in the short film WIND

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