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“Father Ananda is a great reader; I’m a SportsWikidan reader!’ – Flexible iPhone Winner Anujith

During the cricket season from October 5th to November 19th, we conducted a cricket-based quiz competition called ‘Six at iPhone Ready’ presented by Satya on Sports Vikatan site.


We declared the first 3 readers who answered the daily questions correctly as the winners. The gift giving event for them was held today at Satya Show Room located in Thiagaraya Nagar. Satya Agency Director Jackson felicitated the winners with prizes.

Jackson, director of Satya Agency, said, ‘We are happy to have organized such an event in association with Sports Vigatan. Initially we thought of choosing only one winner and giving away an iPhone. But to increase reader support and participation day by day we decided to give second prize LED TV and third prize sound system. During this cricket season, all the programs done by Sathya and Sports Vigatan reached lakhs of people. On behalf of Satya, we are continuously offering special offers to our customers. We are going to give exciting offers on Satya Mobiles to attract the youth.

Celebrate Pongal with Satya. We are ready to travel with Sports Week in the upcoming cricket seasons as well.’ said.


Director Jackson also honored the winners by giving prizes. Anujith, the young man who came first and won the iPhone 13, said, ‘Our hometown is Kanyakumari. I will continue to follow sports news. I immediately participated in such a match. Apart from that, our father is an avid reader. He has been studying for 50 years. Our father participated in the previous Vikadan competitions and won. I am very happy that I participated and won an iPhone. Many thanks to Satya too.’ said.

A woman named Zeguria, who won an LED TV as the second prize, said, ‘My husband and I will watch Onna Cricket. We also participated in this competition for fun. At first, our name was at the back of the ranking table. Only then we answered many questions correctly and came up. Now I am happy that this TV has won. Thanks to Sports Vikatan and Satya.’ said.

Karthikeyan, who won the third prize for the sound system, said, ‘While scrolling through Facebook, I read about the ‘Sixer Ready iPhone Ready’ contest on the Sport Vikatan page. As I am interested in cricket, I participated in the matches continuously and answered the questions.


It is sad that the Indian team came to the final and lost in the World Cup. But they fought as hard as they could. I am going to continue to support the Indian team as many cricket matches are coming up. Thank you Vikatan and Satya!’ said.

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