Faulty Powerbeats 2 owners receiving payments from $9.75 million lawsuit

Faulty Powerbeats 2 owners receiving payments from .75 million lawsuit

As reported by MacRumors, Apple customers who have owned a faulty pair of Powerbeats 2 headphones are starting to receive payouts from a class action lawsuit. Apple settled the lawsuit last year, and it appears that the payments are finally making their way to those who signed up for the suit.

Powerbeats 2 owners sued Apple after it was found that some of the headphones had a defect that could cause them to stop working and fail to retain charge after “minimal usage.” The plaintiffs in the case alleged that Apple misrepresented the battery life of the Powerbeats 2, and that Apple had said they were sweat and water resistant.

Powerbeats 2 were first released in 2015, and at least some of the failures may have been due to moisture exposure. Apple was also accused of failing to replace or repair defective Powerbeats 2 within the one-year warranty period.

According to the suit, Apple denied all allegations and paid the settlement fee in order to avoid additional litigation.

The case did not play out in court as Apple agreed to pay $9.75 million last summer to settle the lawsuit. At the time that it agreed to the payout, Apple said that it denied all allegations and was paying the settlement fee to avoid expensive litigation.

The settlement was approved in January of 2021, and now the money obtained from Apple is being split between all Class Members who submitted claim forms after attorneys’ fees and related costs were paid. Anyone who had purchased Powerbeats 2 earbuds before August 2, 2020 were eligible to claim a payment from the settlement.

Speaking of Beats, the upcoming “Beats Studio Buds” apparently leaked in the latest iOS and tvOS betas.

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