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features and first ‘render’ image leaked

From China we anticipate hardware and appearance of a Nothing Phone (2) that will be very similar to its predecessor, although with a more ‘flagship killer’ approach that Carl Pei already knows well.

Nothing Phone (2): features and first filtered 'render' image
The protagonist ‘Glyph Interface’ from Nothing Phone, capable of reflecting light patterns to notify us of major events.

After a more critically acclaimed Nothing Phone (1) Because of its results in stores, the truth is that Carl Pei was already advertising to us during the Mobile World Congress 2023 that its second iteration with Android would be more premium and I would try to convince from a more flagship killer, letting us glimpse some detail although hiding everything vital waiting for move the media machinesomething that the founder of OnePlus has always been great at.

Now it seems that the landing date of the Nothing Phone (2)and it is that the wheel of rumors has begun to turn in Asia first with a brief official announcement in which only they confirmed to us that “it will arrive in summer” and it will be _premiumalthough accompanying this information with a teaser that still didn’t show much, as you will see…

This will be the Nothing Phone (2), according to the first leaks

In any case, as the friends of GizmoChinawe have not had to wait almost nothing for the following news of the Phone (2) of Nothingand it is that its supposed specifications have appeared in forums in China while also a leaked render how the back of the device should look likewhich obviously will maintain its differential ‘Glyph Interface’.

Apparently the design will be very similar to the Nothing Phone (1)with a semi-transparent glass and a careful and attractive rear in which highlight the small LED strips of the light interfacewhich for now we do not know if it will evolve with RGB colors or stay in white again.

construction will be more premiumwith a aluminum chassis and glass set in a general finish similar to that of the iPhonewith flat frames prioritizing appearance over ergonomics.

Nothing Phone (2): features and first filtered 'render' image

This is the leaked recreation of the Nothing Phone (2).

Regarding the hardware, the comments lead us to a 6.55-inch AMOLED panel with FullHD+ 1,080p resolutionalso with refreshment up to 120 hertz and a fingerprint sensor integrated below.

The screen will center the user experience and its specifications convincealthough to encourage it we will not find Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen2 but a Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 that will allow Nothing to reduce costs and keep prices at a much more competitive level.

The memory will be 8 or 12 GB with LPDDR5 technologywhile storage can be chosen between 128 and 256GBwith high-performance UFS 3.1 chips.

The sources mention that there is no lack of any type of connectivity, including NFC, although they also talk about some satellite calls about which we will remain in doubt for now, as we believe that they would raise the price of a mobile too much, which must be very competitive to be successful.

In the multimedia part we will see a 50 megapixel main sensor Along with two other sensors not yet described, we understand that at least one ultra wide angle and one macro or telephotoin addition to stereo speakers and multiple microphones for noise cancellation as well as improving audio capture when recording video.

All this with energy thanks to a Generous 5,000 mAh battery, which can be charged wirelessly and will obviously have fast charging. Finally, in the filtration other interesting aspects such as NFC are mentionedwe already had this connectivity, as well as support for satellite connections they look like they will become new top-of-the-range workhorsealthough for now it is something we are not too sure about because it would greatly increase the cost of this Nothing Phone (2).

It looks good, but for now, we’ll have to be patient with Nothing…


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