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Films of Tamil cinema actors who spoke English and shook their belts – a view


The English craze in Tamil Nadu has continued since that time. As it is a world language, it increases interest in speaking. That’s why fans love to speak English.

If our leader speaks English like this, they will put their finger on their nose. It was a pleasant surprise. So, let’s see who are the Tamil actors who spoke English.

Shivaji Ganesan

He is the lioness of the Tamil film world. His speech is a testimony to that. The tone is sublime. His style of speech is characterized by accent and stress. Accordingly, his body language will make us wonder. Intertwines with the scene.

A police officer is a genius. Rich means majesty. An indifference. The fan will squirm as he holds the cigarette in style and shakes his shoulder. Speaking English realistically with a rich posture will leave us ecstatic.



In Kauravam, he speaks fluent English with a pipe in his mouth.

In the film, Ushkar Manthan speaks English and beats Sivakumar with rage. Shivaji speaks English with ease in many films like Uletupillai, Deivamagan, Gnana Oli, Nejnurudu, Vietnam House, Kilivanam Shivakum, Sattum Bharatham.

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Sivaji

Kamal, Sivaji

The English spoken by Kamal with the collector in Devar Magan is beautiful. His stylish English in Heram and Sakalakala Vallavan is perfect.

Kamal will be playing the role of a white man in Dasavatharam. He had to speak British English for that. It was daughter Sruthi Haasan who taught her to speak it stylishly. In the film, Ulanganayakan speaks in English at such a high speed.


Rajni Senthil

Rajni, Senthil

Even though he speaks English, he has style. Especially the I Can Talk English dialogue spoken by him in the movie Servant remains a trend till date. The beauty of speaking in English style is unique to Superstar Rajini.

When we see this scene in the film, we will fall down laughing. It will be so funny. It means speaking English well. He also speaks broken English. This is the second type in the film. That’s why Patti Tanki is rocking that English bar everywhere.

Geminiganesan, V.S. Raghavan, A.R.S and many others have spoken English subtitles in films.

Among the actresses, Chaukar Janaki, Jayalalitha, Lakshmi Banumathi and many others have spoken English amazingly.

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