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Fintech Klarna announces that the majority of its customer service is managed with AI

Artificial Intelligence continues to be postulated as a technology that will modify the labor fabric

The "fintech" Klarna announces that the majority of its customer service is managed with AI
Klarna puts the majority of its Customer Service volume into Artificial Intelligence, and it is paying off for them

Artificial Intelligence continues to gain space in the labor market. Klarna, the well-known “fintech“specialized in offering financing services, even admits that two out of every three administrations Customer Service are currently solved by Artificial Intelligence within their systems. With this, Klarna claims to have dispensed with a large number of workers without suffering any loss of productivity.

Klarna prides itself on AI management

Although this type of data They tend to be quite controversial due to the dubious social value and service quality assumed from human employees compared to AI, Klarna recently boasted in a press release that two-thirds of your customer service queries are solved through Artificial Intelligence. With this, it is evident, once again, that AI has arrived to transform the labor market.

Among other details, Klarna states that the work of its AI performing customer service is equivalent to what 700 employees would doand that users resolve their incidents in an average time of 2 minutes compared to the 11 minutes that were previously necessary. They also claim that users are evenly satisfied both with human treatment and that offered by AI. And, of course, it also saves them money: more specifically, 40 million dollars in this 2024.

AI Dilemmas and Discord

One of the consequences of all the problems that are occurring around Artificial Intelligence it is being that institutions like The European Commission is already preparing legislation relevant to frame appropriately the things that can be done with AI and those that cannot. Technical details still remain to be known, but the main objective will continue to be to guarantee the rights of citizens and that its use is safe from abuse and crimes that are perpetrated with it today.

Regarding the technology financial sector, Klarna is a brand specialized in offering financing servicesbut there are many more services fintech with other tasks, such as neobanks focused on investment like MyInvestor or financial brokers who have with all types of investments, such as XTB. In the end, the digital economy space continues to grow, and Klarna has chosen to increase its resources replacing the work of human employees by Artificial Intelligence.

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