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First Off-road Riding in a While – BionicOldGuy

First Off-road Riding in a While – BionicOldGuy


I hadn’t ridden off-road lately because it’s been too soggy. I gave it a try today, riding up to the top of E. Dunne Ave. and then through Holiday lake estates to get to Rosendin park. It was a treat to have the trails dry enough to ride. In the past, I would have gone through the park to get to Anderson dam and then loop back home from there. But that option is closed off because of the Seismic retrofit of the dam, so I just returned from the trails to Holiday drive. I rode down Thomas grade to get back home, which is a blast to ride, lightly trafficked, and has great views.

The trails at the south end of Rosendin park start at the end of Holiday drive in Holiday lake estates at the top of E. Dunne Ave. The large pond to the left next to the trail was never there before this year’s extensive rains
Close-up of the pond
A nice park in Holiday lake estates. You can just get a peek of Lake Anderson, which is still pretty full, to the left. It’s supposed to be empty because the dam is getting a major seismic retrofit. But with all our rain, they couldn’t drain it fast enough without causing downstream flooding. Water is still gushing out of the base of the dam into Coyote Creek and it will probably take a few weeks to empty the lake.
Morgan Hill from the top of Thomas Grade



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