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FNAF tricks so that children can see it

Gore, yes, but implied.

FNAF tricks so that children can see it
Only over 12 in this bloody story?

We are in the premiere week of the movie Five nights at Freddy’s in various territories, taking into account that the date varies depending on the country you are in. In the case of Spain, we will have to wait until November 1 to enjoy the film adaptation of this successful horror game saga. Now and as a curiosity, those responsible have shared how they managed to reduce the recommended minimum age to attend the cinema and enjoy its bloodthirsty terror.

In an interview granted in the middle Inversethe director of the film Five nights at Freddy’sEmma Tammi, revealed the methods used in production so that the minimum recommended age was lower than what might be expected. “We did our best to maintain the PG-13 rating (PG-12 would be our equivalent) while exploring the plot effectively. This meant that death scenes had to be approached in a specific way. While it’s entertaining to show explicit violence and graphic details in slasher horror films, it’s also fascinating to explore creative ways to convey these moments in shocking ways. without resorting to visual brutality. In some cases, we chose to use shadows, silhouettes and sound design to create the intense atmosphere without showing explicit gore,” the filmmaker stressed.

A night at the pizzeria

The film, which has already received its first not very flattering reviewsfollows a security guard with his own problems as he begins his shift at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, an abandoned joint where few people would want to work. As his first night on the job goes by, he realizes that the night at Freddy’s will not be an easy task to overcome, although luckily he will not be alone as he will have the help of the local police played by Elizabeth Lail.

And remember, don’t get up until you’ve seen all credits.

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