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“Food alone is not the way”… The shadows Ravi gave to the boy who was looking for a chance in cinema… What a man!!


J. Suresh directed the movies “Velai”, “Ennavale”, “Junior Senior”. He is currently directing the movie “Zoo Keeper” of Cook with Komali fame.

J. Suresh, who started as an ad film director, gradually grew into a film director. Yuvan was a very close friend of Shankar Raja.

J Suresh

J Suresh

Director J. Suresh took 600 rupees given by his mother and came from his hometown Tirunelveli to Chennai in search of an opportunity to act in cinema. Suresh wandered in Chennai for several days. The money in the hand kept melting. In this case, one night at the entrance of the Nalli Silks shop in Panagal Park, the actor Shaythakal Ravi was smoking a cigarette.

Suresh went to him and said, “Hello sir. I am from Tirunelveli. Sir, I want to act in movies. I don’t know who to go see. Can you help me?” He has asked.

Nizhalgal Ravi

Nizhalgal Ravi

After hearing this, the shadows Ravi said, “Have you eaten?” He has asked. Immediately, Suresh falsely said, “I have eaten” sir, Shadows Ravi took a hundred rupees from his purse and said, “Go and eat.” After that, he wrote his face on a piece of paper and said, “Come tomorrow and see me.”

The next day, Suresh went to Shadows Ravi’s house at 8.30 am. There the shadows made Ravi Suresh sit and put food. After Suresh ate, he handed a cinema diary to Ravi. “In this diary there is the vlaam of all the directors and the vlaam of the film companies. Keep this in mind and look for opportunities. If you become an actor, come and see me. After that, when he opened the book, there was a hundred rupee note in it. Seeing this, Suresh thanked Ravi and got up and left.

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