Android NewsFor less than 50 euros, these headphones are the...

For less than 50 euros, these headphones are the only ones that I recommend


They have one of the best integrated sound technologies, with titanium, water resistance and active noise cancellation.

For less than 50 euros, these headphones are the only ones that I recommend
They integrate 4 microphones that improve the immersive and call experience like never before.

Sometimes you have them for 49.99 euros and other times, on sale, for 37.99 euros. They are a fabulous option If you are thinking of renewing your old wired headphones or buying something quality that costs you very little money. They saw the light in December 2022, very recently, and they are usually offered with great discounts. Are the realme Buds Air 3Sthe vitaminized version of realme Buds Air 3 Neo.

We tend to think that AirPods are the only (or best) option on the market today, just for the simple fact that Apple and its users say so. However, although we know that there are options for similar prices to AirPods like Galaxy Buds Pro or the OnePlus Buds Prothere are also much cheaper alternatives and just as good in some ways.

realme Buds Air 3S

For less than 50 euros, these headphones are the ‘bomb’

It is true that the more expensive headphones are, the manufacturers justify it with the use of more premium materials than others. However, these realme Buds Air 3S we could frame them in the medium range of materials, but in the premium sound quality, and they only cost 49.99 euros. They are a great option for tight budgets or last minute gifts. if you want to know more cheap and recommended modelswe leave you a video of Urban Tecno that details some of them.

Returning to the realme Buds Air 3S, we have some 12 reasons to recommend these headphones. Starting with noise cancellation and ending with its autonomy, these realme headphones They must be part of your list of gadgets portable in the near future.

  • 11mm driversthose of AirPods 3 are just as large and cost 199 euros.
  • Bass driver with 3 layers of titaniumpremium material per flag.
  • Intelligent noise reduction with 4 microphones.
  • custom equalizer in the realme Link app.
  • Wing-type silicone pads that improve grip for sports activities.
  • Case shaped like a music box and transparent lid.
  • Are compatible with Dolby Atmosfor a much more immersive sound.
  • 30 hour battery with the charging case.
  • Fast charge (Dart charge), in 10 minutes we have 5 hours of extra playback.
  • they use Bluetooth 5.3 of last generation with latency of 69 ms.
  • You can connect them to 2 devices at the same time.
  • They are water resistant IPX5 certified (splashes, rain and sweat).

With the smart touch controls We will be able to control music playback, raise/lower the volume, answer calls and some other functions. Noise reduction is effective thanks to the 4 integrated microphones in each headset. They reduce noise with background beamforming. They are designed to offer great bass sounds and boost them to its maximum without compromising the sound experience.

realme Buds Air 3S

Only headphones can give you up to 7 hours of autonomy in music reproduction, and 4 hours in calls. The Bluetooth version 5.3 reduces energy consumption and minimizes latency, being able to enjoy a movie on your smart TV or mobile with headphones without any delay in sound. They are a highly recommended option for all these reasons. Forget spending hundreds of euros on headphones that are going to offer you an experience similar to this.

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