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For some reason, Makita has created this take-out microwave.

Makita is a Japanese giant that is very popular in industrial settings for its professional tools, all of which are now electrified and with high-power batteries.

For some reason, Makita has created this take-out microwave.
This is the Makita MW001G, the first portable, battery-powered microwave on the planet.

Normally it is Xiaomi that presents bizarre products for users and markets that are each more bizarre, with very recent examples such as this smart aquarium with self-feeding and self-cleaning, a mini-PC in the shape of a Rubik’s cube or an affordable 2-in-1 lamp for camping that surely would make a very good couple with this Makita MW001G that will allow you to “cook” on the move and in a matter of seconds to eat hot anywhere and in any situation.

No one can explain, yes, what the leaders of the japanese machinery giant to give the green light to this project, and it is that the Makita engineers seem have found meaning in a portable microwave in which surely no one would have thought of as a basic accessory in their camping and adventure outings.

Not in vain, It seems to be very heavy and impracticalbut in exchange you can use it at a power of 500 watts for 8 minutes to heat any type of food wherever you are… Let’s get to know him a little more by the hand of rv.com and our friends from omicron!

This is the Makita MW001G, the microwave that you can take anywhere

Well, to tell you how does this MW001G from the Japanese Makita workit is necessary to start first with its approach, and that is that the product has been designed as an accessory for industrial and professional environmentsalways designed for certain types of conditions in which its functionality is interesting.

The manufacturer tells us, in fact, that his idea was help those workers in challenging environments Like the builders of the tallest skyscrapers, for example, who often have to make do with a cold sandwich since it would not be feasible to leave work to make the lunch stop. So that, this microwave would allow them to take something precooked to workand heat it without moving and without too much effort.

Of course, the worker would have to carry the device when going to the post, and that is Its 8 minutes of autonomy at a power of 500 watts predict that it will be able to heat a couple of plates and a cup of coffee at most.without much fanfare in this regard, although the manufacturer speaks of up to 11 dishes being very optimistic.

At least Makita has thought of everything by equipping it with a handle to transport it in a comfortable way, besides obviously doing it compatible with your rechargeable and interchangeable battery systems between all types of machinery, which will facilitate its use precisely in the environments for which it has been designed.

Makita MW001G, photo gallery

Regarding functionality, we know that it has capacity for 8 litersa sufficient figure without a doubt, with a weight of just over 9 kilos without the high power batteries with XGT technologyMakita’s solution for cordless tools that require high-power, high-performance power batteries.

It is not the most functional microwave on the market but yes it will be the most versatile for sureand also for those who have doubts about its use and transportation, at Makita they have developed a protection system that deactivates its functions with the door openalong with a gyroscope that will also keep it off if it doesn’t detect a safe position on a flat surface.

As for prices, well the Makita MW001G is now available in Japanwhere it will be sold exclusively at least in its first weeks of life, and where it costs a price of 71,500 yen, which at the current exchange rate would be something like 497 euros quite affordable for a new device like this.


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