Android Newsfrom 0 to 100 in less than 10 minutes

from 0 to 100 in less than 10 minutes


The evolution of realme’s UltraDart technology already manages to safely reach 240 watts of power, so it will be present in the realme GT Neo 5 in February.

A mobile has never charged so quickly: from 0 to 100 in less than 10 minutes
The new UltraDart charging up to 240W is the most powerful ever achieved through a USB port.

I really already had the industry’s fastest fast chargeand it is that its attractiveness realme GT Neo 3 was capable of refilling the milliampere-hours of its battery in only 16 minutes thanks to a power of 150 watts with its UltraDart technology.

However, the manufacturer based in Shenzhen has not been satisfied, which, as our colleagues from Xataka Android following the track of realme in their channels on Weibois already testing the new UltraDart technology up to 240 watts which will use the realme GT Neo 5 starting next February.

And it is that indeed the next flagship killer will really raise the bar for charge your battery in less than 10 minutes with a stable 240 watts of powerwith a power conversion efficiency of 98.7% and always keeping safety and durability under control of the energy accumulator.

How much is very fast to charge your smartphones? 5 minutes?

We are, in fact, before the highest charging power ever achieved by a USB Type-C connectorand technological evolution is extremely important in this section, since less than two years ago, in 2021, the USB Implementers Forum set at 100 watts the maximum power of the standard.

What he is really doing is, therefore, ahead of his time, which It also means accompanying your “GT Neo” with the best accessories so that users can enjoy these load powers, which in the new model will imply using a 12 amp cord with four 21 AWG wiresthe highest standard in the industry.

In addition, the charger that will be included as standard will again have GaN (gallium nitride) technology with one of the highest densities of the market, adding to the device 13 temperature sensors that will be in charge of controlling the state of the device at all times during fast charging, also using AI implementations in real time.

The new realme GT Neo 5 will present, with up to 240 watts, the fastest charging ever seen via USB-C, although the battery capacity and the implications of such power remain to be seen… Will it degrade very quickly?

realme - Fast Charge 240W

The world’s fastest charging is from realme: 240 watts via USB-C.

There will be a graphene heat dissipation system of up to 6,580 square millimeters, the largest seen to date on a mobile, all for ensure that the realme GT Neo 5 battery does not suffer and can withstand more than 1,600 charging cycles according to laboratory tests.

Obviously, these high powers lead to further degradation and (controlled) danger so the 240 watt UltraDart charging will need to be specifically enabled from the terminal firmware. The “sister” company OPPO had commented that its 240-watt VOOC technology degraded 20% of the battery in just 800 charge cyclesso these improvements will have to be assessed over time.

Be that as it may, it is important to see how these technologies evolve, because lithium batteries have practically exhausted their cycle of improvements and in view of the lack of novelties in other types of solid state or similar energy accumulators, good is that we can recover the autonomy of our smartphone in a matter of a few minutes connected to the electrical network.

As for the rest of the possibilities of the realme GT Neo 5, a chipset is expected Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 to dominate the set, which will have a main camera 50 megapixel Sony IMX890 resolution already present in other high-end ones such as the recent OnePlus 11.


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