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From then on, you can apply for a home inverter in the Solar Energy Plus Program

Due to the lack of EU funds, the second round of the support program, which was canceled last year, will now be held later.

The application interface of the Napenergia Plusz Program opens at 10 a.m. on Monday, January 15, where you can apply for support for the installation of solar panels at home. It has been a long and difficult road to this point, last year the system of home solar subsidies changed a lot: in the middle of the summer, the news came that they would change the accounting method for fed back electricitywhich, in addition to having a bad effect on private individuals who already have a power plant at home, would not have served to stimulate new investments either.

Of course, as could be guessed after the great uproar, the interest representatives of the stakeholders and the politicians found a joint solution solution, which proved to be acceptable to both parties. The compromise reached in the autumn could be the key to the further spread of the technology in the future.

Last year, the Napenergia Plusz Program started with huge interest, and 43,000 applicants won the support in the first round. The second round was postponed citing the fact that EU funds, which were still withheld at the time, were needed to start it.

It is now possible to apply again within the framework of the program: in the second round of the program, 15,160 individuals can receive support under specified conditions in the order in which applications are submitted. The official grant application can be submitted for a total amount of HUF 75.8 billion surface.

The call for tenders changed one important point compared to previous constructions: the applicants agree to invest in a device suitable for storing the generated energy in addition to the construction of the power plant at home. Support of up to HUF 5 million can be applied for per property, which can amount to no more than two-thirds of the investment. The remainder must be paid by the claimant or he must take out a loan for it.

Pre-registration can only be done online on the tender’s website, where the necessary forms and documents can be downloaded. The procedure requires a gatekeeper ID, and all applicants must upload their personal documents, the title deed of the residential property no older than 30 days, and the electricity bill for the most recent accounting period. The approval of the pre-registration is assessed by the supporting organization within 15 working days. The applicant can then nominate three possible contractors for the investment, from whom they can choose based on the offers received through the system in December.

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