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Fujitsu’s latest consumption-based uSCALE solutions are the most ideal in VMware and SUSE environments

The new solutions presented in Fujitsu’s consumption-based uSCALE offer extend the benefits of infrastructure as a service to two technologies that are key to digital transformation.

The Fujitsu uSCALE for Hybrid Cloud with VMware and the uSCALE for Containers with SUSE solutions provided as a service, whose comprehensive infrastructure includes both hardware and software elements and services, thus enabling rapid implementation and agile scaling with low risk.

Both solutions represent an extremely favorable price-value ratio. According to Fujitsu’s calculations, the total life cycle cost (TCO) of Fujitsu uSCALE for Hybrid Cloud with VMware is approximately 25% lower than traditional pay-as-you-go solutions, even at 80% utilization. Customers benefit from a smooth, comfortable, familiar experience, cloud-like local usage and cloud service capability.

With the new solutions, Fujitsu responds to the growing demands of data center operators for highly scalable, monthly subscription plans. Systems as a Service reduce costs, improve resource utilization, and respond quickly to changing business needs. Customers only pay for the resources they use, rather than investing in infrastructure upfront. This approach works perfectly for organizations that want to enjoy the benefits of “cloud-like” operations – where there is a need to move tasks to the cloud, they have already created cloud-native applications that they want to coordinate with their existing applications, or they want to migrate certain tasks from public clouds back to their own cloud . Programs that offer consumption-based services also allow service providers to offer more flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions to customers.

Fujitsu uSCALE for Hybrid Cloud with VMware integrates VMware Cloud software into the IT infrastructure and enables companies to allocate resources efficiently and optimize costs. The new Fujitsu service provides a versatile, pre-installed environment managed by Fujitsu, where companies pay based on the use of VMware solutions, so no upfront investment is required.

Fujitsu uSCALE for Containers with SUSE provides the Rancher Prime platform2 for Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers. It offers cloud-like agility in local data centers, combining the benefits of a consumption-based “as-a-service” model with the command and control typical of a private cloud. The buffer capacity is provided free of charge in advance of demand and until the start of using the service. Fees adjusted to the use of the computing infrastructure make it possible for companies to plan their expenses. Capacity expansion is simple when necessary, so users can access the resources that support the performance of their tasks at any time.

Fujitsu emphasizes that even in the case of pre-packaged solutions, preliminary advice plays an important role, in the framework of which, together with customers, unique solutions are developed to address specific challenges. Other components of the Fujitsu uSCALE portfolio can also be integrated into the solutions: uSCALE for SAP, uSCALE for Virtualization, uSCALE for Compute, uSCALE for Data Management.

Price and market introduction
Fujitsu uSCALE for Hybrid Cloud with VMware and uSCALE for Containers with SUSE are already available from Fujitsu and its partners in the UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland .

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