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Fujitsu’s premium category storage is well received by the Hungarian market

Fujitsu’s premium category storage is well received by the Hungarian market


Providing an all-in-one solution for backup, archiving, file and object storage, the ETERNUS CS8000 is the most popular in its category on the domestic market.

In addition to the ever-accelerating pace of digitization, more and more IT managers realize that their existing backup infrastructure cannot meet the constantly changing data center requirements. Companies creating terabyte and petabyte backups are starting to reach capacity limits as the task demands more and more professionals and infrastructure costs skyrocket.

The Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CS8000, which optimizes backup and archiving, helps to scale performance, capacity and functionality according to demand by virtualizing the infrastructure and automating processes spanning the life cycle of data, thus making it easier to answer the challenges and meet the requirements that digitally transforming organizations they face daily.

As it separates data management from backup and archiving software, ETERNUS CS8000 eliminates the complexity of data protection infrastructures. It supports all common mainframes, backup and archiving software solutions, and its multi-client capability gives you complete freedom in terms of background systems. Its disc backup performance reaches 150 terabytes per hour, and when copying to tape, it utilizes 100 percent of the media’s performance. According to customer experience, ETERNUS CS8000 reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of complex backup environments by up to 60 percent and provides a long-term solution for backup and archiving processes, even when companies introduce new platforms.

It offers an optimal mix of SSD, hard disk, tape and WORM media in terms of capacity, performance and cost, and enforces copy policies, including replication and disaster recovery. Thanks to the automated media change, users can always take advantage of the latest technologies, and the independent quality assurance and the self-repairing ability of the tapes make handling the media easier than ever before. Thanks to information lifecycle management (ILM) covering all data, companies can achieve highly efficient operations, near-zero downtime, and automatically fulfill flexibly selectable service levels.

The ETERNUS CS8000 uniquely enables the distribution of a system between two locations up to 100 kilometers apart. In this configuration, it automatically creates a copy of all data by mirroring the cache, so that in the event of a failure, workloads are immediately redirected to the other location. Even in disaster situations, applications and business processes continue to run smoothly without human intervention. If an error occurs at any point, it cannot lead to downtime, all of this provides an extremely efficient and economical solution for the non-stop, 24×7 protection of business-critical data.

Fujitsu has been continuously improving its storage solution for many years based on customer feedback and good IT operation practices, and the ETERNUS CS8000 has become not only extremely fast and flexible, but also an equally reliable and economical central data storage – this is also confirmed by its popularity in Hungary.

The storage solution, which can be scaled between 19 terabytes and 122 petabytes, with its intelligent automation capabilities and optimal data carrier mix, reduces the total cost of ownership by up to 60 percent in hybrid IT environments.



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