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G-Shock’s Midnight Fog Series adds moody mystique to your wrist

According to G-Shock, its new Midnight Fog series “invokes the feel of a foggy night in a city”. One could question if this description covers the emotional, existential regret one might find themselves suffering from outside a manic kebab shop at 3am. But probably not.

Rather, it means that the new range focuses on uniquely-coloured stainless steel bezels, along with accompanying semi-transparent skeleton-style straps to bring earthier, more muted tones to your wrist. 

The series includes four models across the GM-2100 and GM-5600 range, priced from £159-£209, and the usual G-Shock features are present and accounted for. These include 200-metre water resistance, and functions like world time, a stopwatch, an alarm, and a timer.

You’re also getting a three-year battery life and dual-illumination split between the analogue hands and digital screens, along with scratch-resistant mineral glass for occasional knocks and scrapes. Available now from G-Shock.

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