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Gallo India: Tamil Nadu who threatened to become king in the final; Gold in men’s basketball!

The teams of Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan clashed in the final of the men’s basketball division of the Calo India Games. The Tamil Nadu team had lost only one match in the league round. It was a match against Rajasthan.

Tamil Nadu team

Rajasthan beat Tamil Nadu by 82-52 points in that match. Due to this, the audience was very nervous about the final. But the Tamil Nadu team players have no such tension.

The same Tamil Nadu team that beat Rajasthan brilliantly in the last match turned out to be king in this match. Played well from the start and took the lead. At one stage, the Tamil Nadu team was ahead with a difference of 27-11 points.

Tamil Nadu team

As soon as the thought of a ‘one sided match’ appeared, the Rajasthan team gave a comeback. Both the teams took turns to score points and the excitement spread.

Tamilnadu team captain Prakalathan, Abhimanyu, Sukandan, Mithun Vale, Sam Luxwin Jacob showed excellent performance. Due to this, the Rajasthan team could not take the lead.

Tamil Nadu team

However, the team could not fight seriously to take the lead till the end. In the end, the Tamil Nadu team won the thriller on the basis of 86-85 points. With this, the Tamil Nadu team won the gold medal.

Speaking to us about the match, the players said, “We made a lot of mistakes in the league match against Rajasthan. We learned a lot from it. We came with the decision to beat them and win no matter what. It paid off well from the start.

Tamil Nadu team

A few mistakes in between narrowed the gap slightly. Thank you to all the coaches, basketball federation coordinators and spectators for supporting us!” They said.

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