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Games in the spirit of Gravity Falls and Bloodborne, Snufkin, Tinykin, ILL – the most interesting with FGS

Today took place Future Games Showhosted by voice actors Doug Cockle and Denise Goughwho played the roles of game Geralt and Yennefer from The Witcher.

We were shown a lot of small games, among which there were many interesting things: from the pixel metroidvania inspired by bloodborneand adventures in the spirit of “Gravity Falls» to turbo golf and Russian horror ILL. Collected all the most interesting in this post!

The show began with the premiere of a futuristic shooter with the working title Outpost. The game is made for PC.

Shown psychological horror Luto. The game will be released this year on PlayStation and PC.

It’s time for small races in a post-apocalyptic world! Gameplay trailer unveiled Tray Racerswhich will be released in 2023 on PC and Switch.

Several different upcoming games at once Kwalee in one video: something will be released this summer, and something – only in 2023.

A bit of futuristic action in the gameplay trailer Morbid Metalwhich is currently being created only for PC.

Not very fast, but entertaining golf ball racing gameplay called Turbo Golf Racing. The game will release on August 4th.

Showed gameplay American Arcadiatelling about life in a society with total surveillance.

They showed the upcoming trucker simulator in Alaska – demo version Alaskan Truck Simulator is already available, and the release on consoles and PC will take place at the end of the year.

We presented a gameplay video of another futuristic puzzle game The Entropy Center. The game will be released this year.

A separate video was dedicated to upcoming games by Ukrainian developers: from noir with animals and platformer to strategy.

From the next game it blows in spirit “Gravity Falls” – in Lost in Play brother and sister are waiting for adventure and riddles! The game will release on August 10 for Switch and PC.

Someone wanted to become a brewer? Showed a video Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator.

Trailer for a puzzle adventure inspired by Norse mythology Bramble: The Mountain Kingwhich is created for PC and consoles.

Roller of a small mafia game Enemy of the Statewhich will be released in 2024 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

They showed a video with demos of several games, including from Konamiwhich will be available on PC after the show.

This fall, a VR horror game called Do Not Open.

As always, a stylish cinematic video with gameplay fragments Bright Memory: Infinitewhich was released on PC last year and will soon make its way to PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch.

Gameplay trailer for a gloomy pixelated metroidvania The Last Faithwhose authors were inspired bloodborne. The game will be released this year on consoles and PC.

The next video was dedicated to the upcoming games of the publisher Team17.

Cute adventure platformer Tinykin Releases August 30 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Stealth action trailer Serial Cleaners, where players have to “clean up” crime scenes in the dark 90s. The game will release on September 22nd.

Airport simulator coming to Xbox Series and PC next year Airport Sim And here is his trailer.

Presented a video of an interesting looking puzzle Phonopolis.

Metroidvania gameplay trailer released Being and Becoming.

In 2062, a plane begins to fall over snowy Alaska. The pilot will have to survive together with his assistant robot – this is exactly what he will tell Arctic Awakening.

The game will be released in 2023 on PC and consoles.

Races have arrived again – more precisely, the game according to “Formula 1“! Management Sim Trailer Revealed F1 Manager 2022. The game will be released on August 22 (or 25) (in the video and under the video different information) on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

A trailer for a very beautiful puzzle adventure has been published Planet of Lana with picturesque nature and evil robots. The game will be released this year on Xbox and PC.

Deadly Premonition 2 came out on PC, which was dedicated to a fresh strange trailer.

Next year there will be a little fabulous adventure Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalleyand here is his gameplay trailer.

trailer multiplayer Pal Worldinspired by “Pokémon“.

At the end of the show, they showed a new trailer for Russian horror ILLwhich is created on Unreal Engine 5.

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