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Garmin Launches Two New Forerunner Smartwatches – Phandroid

Garmin’s Forerunner series of devices has been a popular choice for smartwatch enthusiasts who prefer a more sporty approach to wearable tech. As such, the company has recently unveiled two new Forerunner smartwatches, each tailored for different price brackets.

Garmin Launches Two New Forerunner Smartwatches – Phandroid

Of the two wearable devices, the new Forerunner 955 takes the role of the more premium model, starting at $479.99 for the base version, with a $599.99 solar-powered variant. The 955 features a 47mm touchscreen with always-on display, as well as physical buttons on the side of the watch. Garmin says that the 955 features 5ATM water resistance, up to 15 days’ worth of battery, and built-in GPS. The Forerunner 955 also lets you check on heart-rate variability (HRV) status, and comes with Garmin’s new race widget too.

The 955 will also give you a detailed report of your sleep, recovery, and training outlook upon waking up, in addition to the usual array of health tracking features.

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Meanwhile, the Forerunner 255 succeeds the older Forerunner 245, and comes at a lower price of $299.99, and will be available in 41mm and 46mm versions. It comes with features like NFC, heartrate monitoring, SPO2 monitors, Gorilla Glass 3 on the display, 5ATM water resistance rating, and up to 14 hours of battery life.

As with the 955, the Forerunner 255 will provide HRV readings in addition to other fitness-tracking staples.

Garmin also offers 255 Music and 255S Music variants, and will let users listen to locally-stored songs, as well as access their Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer playlists. The music variants are a bit more expensive though, and are priced at $399.99. The new watches are available for pre-order on Garmin’s website.

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