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Gavin’s post after knowing Pradeep’s red card – a moving photo!

Kavin about Pradeep: Bigg Boss Season 7 is one of the hottest shows on Vijay TV. This season is completely different than any other season. Ever since Bigg Boss split into two houses, there have been innovations in the task game as well.

But the contestants are not playing in groups but they are gathering together and emptying everyone. They think that we should come forward through that. Yesterday’s episode was like that.

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Together they were planning to throw Pradeep out of the house somehow. Especially at one point Vishnu himself would have said that we are thinking how we can get you out of this house.

Similarly, some female contestants raised the red flag against Pradeep yesterday. Apart from that, they branded him unfit to be in this house and gave him a red card and sent him out.

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Within seconds of this happening, there was a clamor in favor of Pradeep. They start a haze tag in support of Pradeep on social media and make Kamal vachu. Apart from that, Maya, Poornima and Jovika, who were the main reason behind Pradeep’s coming out, are also tearing apart.



And what Pradeep did was a mistake, but could have been a warning. Or maybe given a yellow card. But by giving a red card like this, Kamal sir, you have emptied the future of a man, voices are being heard from many quarters.

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At this stage, famous actor Gavin is a close friend of Pradeep. When Gavin was on Bigg Boss, he came into the house and slapped Gavin on the cheek and grabbed the attention of the fans. To send him out today, Gavin posted on his website that ‘those who know you will always know about you’ and also posted a picture of him with Pradeep.

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