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Get Airport & Railway Lounge Access Using DreamFolks

DreamFolks Airport Lounge Access

Get Airport & Railway Lounge Access without physical card using DreamFolks

DreamFolks Airport Lounge Access, DreamFolks Railway Lounge Access – Hello Coolz Readers!! In order to gain admission to airport or railway lounges, you are no longer need to carry your actual card with you physically. Through the use of DreamFolks, you will have the ability to effortlessly enter any airport or railway lounge by simply displaying your QR Code and boarding card. You can learn how to make advantage of it by reading on.

Get Airport & Railway Lounge Access Using DreamFolks

DreamFolks allows you to gain access to airport and railway lounges without the need for a physical card. You don’t need to have Physical Credit or Debit card to access lounge on Railway or on Airport. Read out full Guide to Get Airport & Railway Lounge Access without physical card using DreamFolks.

Get Airport & Railway Lounge Access Using DreamFolks :

1. First of All Click on Given Link Below to Sign Up or Login on DreamFolks Website.

2. Input your mobile phone number and authenticate with a one-time password.

3. On the top right, you will see a button labeled “Add Card.”

4. In this section, you will be able to enter all of the details for each of your credit and debit cards individually. Please take note that you will be charged ₹2 for each card that you authorize.

5. If you go to the homepage once you have added all of your cards, you will see that there is an option to look through either the Airport Lounges or the Railway Lounges.

6. After selecting “Airport Lounge,” you will be able to locate lounges that are eligible for your use. In order to select your airport, you can use the dropdown menu located on the upper left.

7. In the event that you select Railway Lounge, you will discover that the suitable lounges will be displayed.

8. Additionally, if you have access to the International Lounge, it will be displayed.

9. As a final point of interest, if you have Spa Access on your card, you can also access it through Dreamfolks:

10. Once you have chosen a Lounge, you will be required to make a payment of ₹2 that is non-refundable in order to produce a QR code that will allow you to visit your Airport or Railway Lounge with your designated pass.

11. Keep in mind that the QR Code will only be valid for a period of forty-eight hours, so make use of it immediately. Should you decide that you do not intend to enter the lounge, you have the option to cancel your QR Code. You will be able to keep your lounge access capacity on your card; however, you will not be receiving a refund for the non-refundable purchase of ₹2.

12. When it comes to Indian lounges, this is an excellent method for gaining admission to the lounge without the need for a physical card or name matching.

Points To Be Remember Using DreamFolks :

  • It is possible to utilize DreamFolks to gain entry to any domestic airport lounge, international airport lounge, railway lounge, and domestic spa without having to carry your physical card with you.
  • You have the option to provide a second DreamFolks Card that your bank has issued to you in order to gain access to international lounges in this section as well.
  • The DreamFolks Portal does not support the addition of Priority Pass, which allows access to international lounges.
  • While you are entering the Lounge, you are required to bring your Boarding Pass with you at all times.
  • If you have a DreamFolks QR Code, when you enter certain lounges, you will be required to wait in the standard queue. Scanning the QR Code will allow you to check in to the lounge without any additional steps.
  • Please refrain from generating QR Codes for other people. A match will be made with your name.

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