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Get an Oscar first.. I will meet you!

AR Rahman: Tamil cinema is an unheard music. In 1992, a song that thrilled Tamil Nadu was ‘Chinna Chinna Aasi’. AR Rahman is an artist who makes one wonder if such a song is in such music.

Rahman introduced himself to this cinema for the first time with Roja. Cinema had never seen such an opening song till then. After the end of the title card, the song of pouring water from the waterfalls begins with village manvasana.

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This is how the film begins. The main reason for Roja’s success was the songs composed by Rahman. They say that one song is life. That is what happened in Rahman’s life.

That’s a song and a picture. Rahman kept rising. As everywhere he went was special, everything he stepped into became a success. In this situation, RJ got a chance to see Rahman. Balaji got it.

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At that time they were talking for almost two and a half hours. Then Rahman said, ‘I wanted to meet Michael Jackson. When Michael Jackson came to know about this, Michael said, “I’ll meet you after that, whether you’re selected or nominated for an Oscar.”

As he said, Rahman became the owner of two Oscars. Immediately a text message came from Michael’s agent saying ‘Michael Jackson wants to meet you’. Rahman went and saw. But Rahman doesn’t have a single photo of him with Michael.

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Rahman was happy saying it was a serious moment. Immediately Balaji heard all this and said goodbye to Rahman, ‘Didn’t you take a single photo? Are you leaving by then?’ Rahman looked at Balaji and Balaji replied, ‘This is a Michael Jackson moment for me’.

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