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Get this Smart TV for free when you sign up for fiber and mobile at Jazztel

The price of the model, the TCL S5400AF, is around 200 euros.

Get this Smart TV for free when you sign up for fiber and mobile at Jazztel
Any 1 Gb rate will help you get the Smart TV

If you contract a combined fiber and mobile rate at Jazztel, you can get a 32 inch Smart TV. This is a gift that will only be available until Sunday, October 22, or until all 500 units of stock are exhausted. For it Only the 1 Gb rates with mobile included are useful, not the lower fiber rates.

What rates include television

The rates that include the device are as follows:

  • 1 Gb fiber + landline + 30 GB mobile line (47.95 euros per month)
  • 1 Gb fiber + landline + 2 shared 30 GB 5G lines (51.95 euros per month)
  • 1 Gb fiber + landline + 1 40 GB 5G line (51.95 euros per month)
Get this Smart TV for free when you sign up for fiber and mobile at Jazztel

The 3 1 Gb + mobile rates available

By contracting any of the above rates, you will receive the television, always as long as you do it before Monday, October 23, including Sunday, October 22or out of stock. Although apart from this, there are other aspects that you should know before starting to hire her.

The most important thing is that if you contract one of these offers with the Smart TV, You must sign a 24-month stay. On the other hand, if you want to add more mobile lines, you can always do so from 8 euros per month. Both those included and the other lines have 5G connection and have cumulative data. As for calls, they are unlimited for both mobile and landline calls. Your coverage is provided by Orange, and It is reliable and extensive. The prices shown are final, they will not increase over time.

Is Smart TV worth it?

Finally, we will analyze whether it is worth contracting the offer only for the Smart TV. First of all, The device is a 32-inch TCL S5400AF. Its online price is around €200since it is a Decent TV, but not great.

Allows you to play content in FHD and has high dynamic range (HDR 10) for proper shine. It is quite intuitive and, of course, You can connect to the Internet and download applications from the Google Play Store. On a sound level, it has High quality Dolby Audio.

As you can see, this is a decent television, but It may not be worth it to tie yourself to an operator for 2 years just for a device valued at just 200 euros. Keep in mind that you are not only signing a fiber and landline contract, but also a mobile contract.

On the other hand, a gift is a gift. If you are sure that you do not want to change companies in 2 years, it may be a good decision. However, we recommend that you weigh it carefully, since it is a long term, and similar or better offers are periodically launched, in which by contracting a rate, you receive a better device for free. If you want to look at other cheap Smart TVs, In this article we show you the best.

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