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Gintaa App – Refer & Earn Free Gift Vouchers | Verified


Gintaa App Refer Earn

Gintaa App – Refer & Earn Free Gift Vouchers | Verified | PROOF

Gintaa App Refer Earn, Gintaa App Promo Code – Hello Coolz Readers!! You guys can check out Tao Students App Refer & Earn Program where you can earn points and Redeem Free Gift Vouchers. Here i am back with one More App named Gintaa App. gintaa- India’s 1st 3-in-1 platform where you can Buy, Sell, & Exchange in cash or gintaa coins. Browse, choose your product and then negotiate with the seller.

gintaa is India’s most intelligent all-in-one online marketplace to buy, sell & exchange products of varied categories. Right now they are running Gintaa App Refer Earn Program where users can refer their friends and earn 35 points for each referral. Read out full post below to know more about Gintaa App Refer Earn.

Gintaa App – Refer & Earn Free Gift Vouchers :

1. First of All Download Gintaa App From Given Link Here to Get Sign Up Bonus.

2. Open Gintaa App and then Enter Your Mobile Number and Continue.

Gintaa App Refer Earn

3. Continue to Enter Your Name and there is no need to enter Any Gintaa App Promo Code and Verify your Mobile Number with OTP.

Gintaa App Refer Earn

4. You will receive 10 Points on Sign Up in your Gintaa App Wallet.

5. Go to Dashboard and Click on Gintaa App Refer & Earn and Copy Your Referral Link.

TIP : If you are not getting referral Link and then Visit Gintaa Website and Get Your Link.

Gintaa App Refer Earn

6. Here i have earned more then 600 Points by referring friends and You can see it in my Gintaa Wallet.

Gintaa App Refer Earn

7. Go to Dashboard and Tap on Redeem Your Gintaa Coins Button and You can Redeem it as Free Gift Vouchers.

Gintaa App Refer Earn

8. Here i claimed my Swiggy Gift Vouchers using my Gintaa Coins and I receive it in my Account.

Gintaa App Refer Earn

Gintaa App Free Gift Vouchers :

Gintaa App Refer Earn


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