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Google calls out Apple for not adopting RCS, yet again

The battle between Blue and Green Bubbles goes years back. For the unfamiliar, when an iPhone user texts someone with an Android phone, the chat bubble appears as green. Apple reserves the blue bubbles for iMessage users. In many regions, this whole drama is insignificant. After all, billions of users around the globe depend on third-party instant messaging (IM) apps to reach their friends and family. Nonetheless, those who use the default Messages apps included on their phones have to deal with inconveniences when texting someone on a different operating system. A potential solution for this communication gap is RCS. Google — which already supports it on Android OS — has called out Apple multiple times for not adopting this standard. The iPhone maker seemingly doesn’t care and continues to ignore the mater. As a result, Google has launched a campaign calling out Apple for resisting RCS, yet again.

It’s time for Apple to fix texting

On a large banner displayed on, Google is linking to its new campaign’s dedicated webpage. Through an “It’s time for Apple to fix texting” call-to-action, Google is asking readers to pressure the Cupertino firm into adopting RCS. The webpage includes several links that compose a tweet tagging Apple and asking it to fix the texting gap between Android and iOS. The page also includes a list of the inconveniences and flaws in SMS — which RCS has patched.

For those unfamiliar with RCS (or Rich Communication Services) — think of it as SMS 2.0. The standard allows two compatible phones to share high-quality media through an internet connection. So, unlike SMS, you get to text others by merely having a Wi-Fi connection. It also supports typing indicators, read receipts, and other rich features. With the Cupertino overlord not supporting iMessage on Android or RCS on iOS, cross-platform messaging remains broken for both parties by default. It’s unclear if the latest Google campaign will pressure Apple into adopting RCS or not.

Which app or service do you depend on the most to communicate with others? Let us know in the comments section below.

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