Google Drive To Add An Option For Blocking Spammers

Google Drive To Add An Option For Blocking Spammers

Google Drive is reportedly working on a new feature that allows users to block spammers. This feature is still in development, and users can receive it in the coming months.

Many users have been complaining about receiving spam documents in Google Drive. Now Google is coming with a solution for it. With the new option, you can block spammers through the right-click menu in the web version.

“Drive’s sharing capabilities fuel productivity and collaboration, but bad actors can abuse tools that are meant to facilitate helpful sharing,” Google said. “That’s why it’s important to have the necessary security controls in place to fend off these sharing threats.”

You will have three options for blocking, including blocking another user from sharing any content with you in the future. This can be a useful control if, for example, another user has a history of sending spam or abusive content. Moreover, you can remove all existing files and folders shared by another user. This is an easy way to get rid of all spam or abusive content shared from a specific user at one time, and you can remove another person’s access to your content, even if you’ve previously shared it with them.

Blocking spammers in Google Drive helps to protect documents

By choosing any of these options, you will receive a message that says, “this person will no longer be able to interact with you in Google Drive and certain other Google products.”

The ability to block spammers is also good for protecting sensitive documents and essential media files. Last year, a flaw was found in Google Drive to allow hackers to install malware on the user’s device.

According to Google, this option will preserve both Drive sharing helpfulness and the safety of Drive users.

The blocking option in Google Drive isn’t still available to all users, and users will be receiving it in the months ahead. Moreover,  Google has added new features to its Drive, like new search operators that could streamline searching within the platform.

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