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Google Drive’s new theme will save your eyeballs

Google Drive’s new theme will save your eyeballs


A much-needed dark theme is rolling out now.

Key Takeaways

  • Native dark theme for Google Drive finally releases, making browsing a little easier on the eyes.
  • Users can enable the dark mode by navigating to Settings > General > Appearance.
  • Dark mode enthusiasts no longer need to rely on browser extensions thanks to Google Drive’s new feature.

Perhaps those who use light mode are right; us dark mode enjoyers can be a bit overzealous. Whenever a website or an app doesn’t have a native dark mode built into it, we’re sent scurrying on the hunt for a plugin or an extension to change that. And while there are plenty of good browser plugins out there that give us what we want, nothing beats a native dark theme. Now, Google Drive will be a little easier on the eyes, as the website is getting its own muted theme.


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Google Drive finally gets its own dark theme

Google Drive landing page

As spotted by 9to5Google, Google Drive is finally getting a native dark theme. Users around the internet have spotted that their Google Drive website has now received the dark theme, while others have yet to see the feature unlock. If you’re one of the lucky few who have the feature already, you’ll see Google Drive advertise a “new dark mode” the next time you log into it. If you don’t enable it right away, you can still turn it on by clicking the cog at the top right, then going to Settings > General > Appearance and selecting “Dark.” If you don’t see the “Appearance” option, you’ll have to wait a little longer for the feature to arrive.

The slow but steady spread of dark mode

Of course, web users have had tools at their disposal to force websites into dark mode. Extensions like Dark Reader have been an essential tool for fans of muted themes, and have helped achieve what some websites can’t normally do. However, with even Raspberry Pi getting a dark mode, hopefully this will be a sign that the tech industry is finally considering our retinas when developing their UI.



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