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Google fined millions for using news from French media to train its AI

New million-dollar fine to Google: on this occasion, it will have to pay 250 million euros in France

Google fined millions for using news from French media to train its AI
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Google will have to pay a fine of 250 million euros by the body in charge of regulating competition in the French market, after having trained your artificial intelligence models without having made prior agreements with the media, nor linking to the content used during the training process.

250 million euros for using news without permission to train their AI model

Google is not the only company that has been sued for similar reasons. A few months ago, the company behind the newspaper The New York Times sued OpenAI and Microsoft for having used articles from said newspaper to train their artificial intelligence models.

On this occasion, it was a French competition regulatory body that has sued the search engine company. They assure that Google did not respect its commitment to negotiate agreements with press publishers in good faithand instead decided to train the language model that gives life to his AI chatbot, formerly known as Bardusing media content without notifying the authority or the editors themselves.

Google, for its part, has responded through an official statement claiming that has licensing agreements with more than 280 press publishers in France that cover more than 450 publications, and that pays tens of millions of euros every month for the use of its content. Therefore, they believe that the amount of the fine is disproportionatesince the efforts made by the company to respond to the concerns raised have not been taken into account.

Likewise, the company explains that undertakes to review the methodology for calculating indirect incomeand to more closely analyze the true economic value of the news content in their services. They also remember that after the launch of Gemini, the company voluntarily introduced the Google-Extended technologywhich allows rights holders to opt-out of the Gemini training processwithout this affecting your presence in Google search results.

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