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Google has also spoken out after rumors of Gmail’s cancellation began – PCW

Google has also spoken out after rumors of Gmail’s cancellation began – PCW


An official-looking letter claimed that the service would only be available for a few months.

Google is notorious for bombarding the market with an insane amount of services at once, and if one doesn’t meet expectations, the company doesn’t hesitate to cut it. To what extent this is the case, it was created to document the phenomenon killedbygoogle.com proves it, visiting which reveals that the search giant has announced the withdrawal of seven different products from Jamboard to DropCam to Pixel Pass in the last six months alone.

With such a history, it’s no wonder that many people were scared when a rumor about the shutdown of the widely used e-mail platform, Gmail, spread recently.

The panic was started by an X-post with an alleged official letter in which Google informs customers of the discontinuation of Gmail. Based on the text, the service will only be available until August 1st, after which it will not support the sending, receiving and storage of e-mails either. The coater even added an angry comment about how much he hated the company for it.

The post is of course a huge hoax, since Gmail is one of Google’s most successful services, which is used by almost 2 billion active users worldwide month after month, and which is also an integral part of the company’s office solutions. The scathing post, however, reached nearly 7 million people, so Google itself finally spoke out on the matter, announcing on the e-mail platform’s official account that Gmail is definitely not going anywhere.

In order to deceive, the originator of the rumor modified an earlier official letter in which Google drew attention to the discontinuation of the Gmail Basic HTML view function. The lightning-quick spread of Gmail’s death shows not only how easy it is to spread fake news on social media these days, but also how people no longer trust Google’s persistence, no matter what product it is.

In any case, the e-mail platform will not only stay with us for the time being, but will also be developed further, because the search giant announced just a few days agoto bring the generative capabilities of Gemini artificial intelligence to the Workspace office application suite, and with it to Gmail.



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