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Google has just eliminated one of the oldest (and most useful) functions of its search engine

Google has confirmed the removal of cached web page links

Google has just eliminated one of the oldest (and most useful) functions of its search engine
The Google search engine continues to be the most used in the world

The time has come to say goodbye to one of the oldest functions of the search engine Google: links to cached web pages that appeared on the results page, and that allowed you to view websites that, for some reason, were not accessible at that time, or to see what information had recently been added to (or removed from) them.

One of those responsible for the Google search engine has been in charge of breaking the news through his X profile, where he has confirmed that maintaining this functionality no longer made much sensebecause in its day it was designed to help people access web pages when they failed to load.

Google ends links to cached web pages within the search engine

Many users used Google cached web pages to access websites blocked in your region as an alternative to vpn servicesor by query the previous status of a page that has been recently updated. It was a tool commonly used by SEO professionals (Search Engine Optimization) and by other professionals who work daily with the Google search engine.

Despite this, it has finally been decided remove this feature from the search enginewhich had been integrated into Google Search for years. Not from one day to the next, since its disappearance has been occurring gradually since the end of last year. It was not until now, however, that one of those responsible for Google Search has spoken out on the matter:

For now, yes, it is still possible Access cached web pages by typing “cache:” followed by the URL of the website you wish to consult. However, Google suggests that this feature could also disappear sooner or later.

The Cached Web Pages Feature It was a function that had not received maintenance from Google for monthsand it makes some sense that the company has decided to remove this functionality. Although an alternative has not been presented, the main person in charge of communicating these types of changes, Danny Sullivan, hopes that sooner or later the option of access Internet Archiveso that it is possible to see how web pages have changed over time.

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