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Google is making good progress with its Pixels and this may be bad news

Google would have sold 10 million Pixel devices throughout 2023, but how does this growth leave the rest of the manufacturers in the Android catalog?

Google is making good progress with its Pixels and this may be bad news
It seems that the Pixel ‘made by Google’ are increasingly attractive

The news is important. It is above all for Google, which in the end is achieving grow with its hardware division up to a very notable level and market share, but we must not ignore that it is important for all players in the industry because the specific weight that Google and Apple have controlling their platforms, and by the derivatives that the inclusion of Google as a top-level manufacturer may have within the Android catalog.

In any case, before analyzing, let’s go for the information itself, raw, that our colleagues brought us. 9to5Google following the lead of the expert consultants of nikkei thingwhere it was recently reported huge milestone achieved by Google in 2023 with your Pixel devices: They have sold more than 10 million units!

Google reaches a milestone of 10 million Pixel smartphones delivered globally in 2023, and is ambitious for the future, setting a goal of maintaining and exceeding this figure by 2024.

Obviously we are talking about Global data including all Pixel families that are still in the catalog, assuming that the base of this number of phones sold corresponds to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Prowithout forgetting that the Pixel 6 series was still available and Google launched starting in the summer at Pixel Fold (in limited markets) and to Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro facing the last quarter of last year.

Furthermore, experts already confirm that Google is going more and wants to continue growingsetting a goal for 2024 maintain and exceed this figure of 10 million units sold of its Pixel phones during this year in all the markets where they are present.

They say that Google will continue for this diversifying its production to relocate it from Chinahaving started the Pixel 8 series manufacturing in India and with the intention of building smartphones also coming soon to Vietnamwhere Samsung assembles most of its Galaxy, to “improve supply chain resilience”.

Google is doing well, but this… What does it mean for everyone else?

Well then, let’s now study the movement since we have always understood Google as a main player in the Android platform from a software point of view, but never as a major player in device sales In a direct way.

And indeed, Google controls the development and features of Android from the beginning to the end, which obviously gives you a huge competitive advantage in the case of manufacturing smartphones that, without a doubt, will obtain the best hardware/software symbiosis of the entire ecosystem.

This logically could make many doubtbecause competing against other manufacturers with the same weapons is easier than compete against a Google that can develop the platform to its liking and even, as has already happened, reserve some additional features for your Pixel.

Google plays with the competitive advantage of developing the platform and thus achieving the best hardware/software symbiosis, but for now its figures and market share are not a problem… The problem will come later!

However, the truth is that Google has never wanted to attack its customers too much. partners with Nexus devices that never were conventional despite being very interesting, while now, even with the growth of the Pixel family, Other firms like Samsung multiply these sales figures by 4 or 5 Worldwide.

In fact, South Koreans have jumped into the latest Google I/O as partners strategic even in the development of the system, a close collaboration that seems to benefit both firms for now. Besides, Xiaomi is already more distrustful and creating your own fork, Hyper operating systemAs we said previously in another article can show the near future from many manufacturers.

The problem is not now, 10 million units are many but he share global is not that important. The problem will come when Google can corner the Android market… Let’s see what you think:

Can this success of Google as a manufacturer discourage other manufacturers from getting into Android? Will this be the beginning of the paradigm shift?

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