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Google is now planning a personalized trip for us with the help of AI – PCW

Search Generative Experience also prepares a travel and program plan for us based on the instructions provided.

This week, Google announced that, as part of a new project, it is preparing an update to its Search Generative Experience (SGE) service that will enable all of this in an AI-supported interface. Artificial intelligence uses the databases behind the company to give us ideas for planning our vacation.

The new feature is currently only available in English and only in the United States. The service is currently in the testing phase, but if there is enough experience and feedback, the platform will be launched live using the available data.

The function can be instructed textually to plan a trip. For example, we might ask you to plan a trip to Denver that includes more well-known historical sites and a beginner ski area. The interface then prepares a sample plan for us, which includes attractions and restaurants, as well as flight ticket and hotel options, broken down by time of day.

For now, that’s all SGE knows, but if the feedback is positive, it will definitely be developed further. On the interface, for example, there is no possibility to directly pay or reserve tickets or accommodation, but these will certainly be integrated in the future. When we’re happy with the result, we can forward it to Gmail, Docs or Maps.

There is no word on when the company plans to roll out the feature more widely, but what is certain is that they are working hard on the AI ​​engine. Although there are skeptical voices in this matter, the relevant industries are watching the related developments with interest.

In addition, there are already smaller startups, such as Mindtrip and Layla, who also provide early access to their own AI assistant with a similar purpose. With this update, Google will now confront these little fish and will probably also collect data about our travel intentions useful for their advertisers.

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