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Google Photos might soon let you ask your friends for photos

Google Photos currently supports a couple of different ways to help you share photos with friends. However, the app offers no easy way to let you ask your friends for photos. But that might change soon, as Google is now working on adding this functionality to the app.

Prolific app reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who has a great track record of spotting upcoming features in popular apps, has spotted an in-development feature in Google Photos that will let you “Ask friends for photos.” As you can see in the attached tweet, the feature will appear as a banner at the top of the Sharing tab in the app once it starts rolling out to users. Tapping on the banner will open up a new page with a shareable link that will help you ask your friends and family for missing photos.

As mentioned in the screenshot, the link “will allow friends and family with Google Photos to easily share with you in bulk.” At the moment, it isn’t clear what the feature will look like on the other end. But we suspect that those who receive such a link will see an option to select photos from their gallery and share it with the sender. The shared photos should appear in Google Photos’ Sharing tab.

Google is yet to share any information about this upcoming feature, but we expect the company to make an announcement as soon as it’s ready for primetime. We’ll make sure to let you know when the feature starts rolling out to users with a future Google Photos update.

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